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D'CENT Biometric Wallet Firmware Update Guide

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Subject D'CENT Biometric Wallet Firmware Update Guide
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We’re thrilled to announce the release the D’CENT Biometric Wallet firmware We highly recommend all our users to update their D’CENT Biometric Wallet by following these steps.

◆ New features to improve user experience

The update to firmware version includes speed improvement for synchronization between mobile phone and biometric wallet. For those of you who purchased at an early stage will have additional supporting coins such as Ripple, RSK and tokens based on RRC-20.

As a reminder, you should have written down the 24-word recovery phrase on your Recovery sheet when you set up your device. Your recovery phrase allows you to restore your private keys on another D’CENT biometric wallet to recover access to your crypto assets.

We recommend using the in-box USB charging cable that came with your D’CENT biometric wallet, not a third-party USB cable.

◆ Video Tutorial


◆ Instructions

- Firmware Download page: https://fwu.dcentwallet.com/

  1. The firmware update requires D'CENT Bridge installed on your PC. Download D’CENT Bridge and refresh the page.
  2. Connect your wallet device to your PC using a USB cable.
  3. When wallet device is powered on, authenticate to unlock your device.
  4. Click on [Check device]
  5. Click on [Update to version]
  6. Disconnect your device and power it off.
  7. Press the power button and OK button at the same time for 10sec. Release the buttons once Bootloader is displayed.
  8. Connect your device.
  9. The update process will be begun after you click the button [Update to version]. The website will display the progress of updating while your D’CENT device displays Bootloader, Update, and Processing. Your device is successfully updated once web page displays Firmware update is complete and 100%.

◆ After the Update

You’ve successfully updated your D’CENT biometric wallet firmware. You may check out your firmware version (=kernel version) at the menu: setting > Device Info


ID D'CENT E-mail contact@iotrust.kr