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Re: Dongle

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Subject Re: Dongle
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> > > Product: ex) D'CENT Biometric Wallet > Mobile phone model: ex) Samsung Galaxy S10+ > Firmware version: > > problem:how do I connect to dongle?please be specific. > >

Hello, thanks for your inquiry.

In order to connect the biometric wallet with your mobile device follow the steps below:

From your mobile device:

1) Enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

From your wallet device:

2) Power on your biometric wallet and authenticate.

3) From the main screen, scroll down and select "setting".

4) Select "bluetooth"

5) Select "connect"

6) The bluetooth led light should flash and the screen will display your biometric wallet id number and 6 digit code for you to enter on your phone.

From your mobile device:

7) From the bluetooth menu, find your wallet device with the correct id number(D'CENT-iD-XXXXX) and select the device.

8) When prompted, enter the 6 digit code to pair the two devices (phone and wallet).

9) Exit out to the main menu and run the D'CENT mobile app.

10) When you run the mobile app, your mobile phone and biometric wallet should pair automatically.

Hope this is helpful. Thank you and happy trading.


D'CENT support team.

ID sicwallet E-mail sicntired@me.com