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Dcent Hardware Wallet

User Manual

Download pdf

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Initialize your D'CENT

Press Power button for 2 seconds to Power on D'CENT
Choose your language (English / Korean / Chinese / Japanese)
D'CENT hard wallet
Select Create Wallet
NOTE) "Create Wallet" : Process for generating new private key
NOTE) "Recover Wallet" : Process for recalling original private key
D'CENT hard wallet
Register 4 digit PIN
D'CENT hard wallet
Re-Enter 4 digit PIN
NOTE) In case you enter wrong PIN, start over process from #4
D'CENT hard wallet
Register your fingerprint
Place your finer on fingerprint sensor then lift off your finger
With same finger, repeat scanning actions until 100%
D'CENT will ask you to scan your finer for the last time for verification

NOTE) Incase fingerprint registration fails
Option 1 - Start registeration process from the beginning ** Using different finger is recommended
Option 2 - You could skip fingerprint registration, but it can be registered later from Setting menu
D'CENT hard wallet D'CENT hard wallet
Completing PIN and Fingerprint registration
NOTE) Primary authentication method is fingerprint (when you register finerprint) and PIN becomes secondary authentication method
D'CENT hard wallet
Recovery Seeds (Words)
They are mnemonic representation of your private key
They are ABSOLUTELY required for recovering your wallet in case D'CENT is lost, stolen or wiped
WARNING) Recovery Seeds are generated and shown only once during the initialization process. Recovery Seeds must be carefully written down on your recovery card in the same order as shown on your D’CENT display. They must be kept secret and known to yourself only. Anyone getting access to the Recovery Seeds will get access to your crypto assets. Therefore, you are fully responsible to secure correctly your Recovery Seeds.

Press OK button to continue when you have fully understood WARNING notice

Please write down all 24 words on your recovery card in same order showing on the display

Press OK button when you wrote down all 24 words in the same order. Please take your time to check for correctness
NOTE) You can review previous words by pressing BACK button

D'CENT will ask if you have written down all your Recovery Seeds at the end of recovery list. You have following choices
A) Press OK button to proceed Seed verification
B) Press BACK button to return back to very first recovery list for review

D'CENT hard wallet D'CENT hard wallet D'CENT hard wallet
Recovery Seeds Verification
- After you press OK button, enter first 3 characters of the word (In this example, randonly chosen word is #7)
- Press UP / DOWN button to change alphabet and press OK button to choose
- When first 3 alphabets are entered, selection of suggested Seeds will be appear on the display
- Select correct Seed from the listed selection using UP / DOWN button then press OK button to choose
D'CENT hard wallet D'CENT hard wallet D'CENT hard wallet
Initialization complete
When Seeds are verified correctly, set-up process is successfully completed, and your D'CENT is now ready for use
D'CENT hard wallet

Back-Up your D'CENT

Your D'CENT can be recovered when you purchase a new device or you wipe the device.
Wallet recovery is possible by entering the recovery seeds from your recovery card.
Recovery Card must be kept securely in safe place, you will lose your crypto asset if someone getting access to the Recovery Card

Wallet Recovery method
1. Select Recover Wallet from the menu
2. Enter 24 Recovery Words that you recorded on your Reovery Card
NOTE) By entering the first 3 characters of your Seed, suggested words will be shown for quick selection


Never take pictures of your Recovery Seeds or Save the image on the internet. You are responsible for safe handling of your Recovery Seeds. D'CENT is not liable for any damage or loss of crypto assets resulting from lost of Recovery Seeds, Theft, or Leakage of your image files to 3rd party. Special care (keep away from fire, water, sunlight or pets) is required for safe storage.

Other Setting-Bluetooth

Turn-on (Enable) Bluetooth function at your smartphone
D'CENT hard wallet
From your D'CENT Main Menu => Settings => Bluetooth => Connect
D'CENT hard wallet
In your smartphone bluetooth menu, your D'CENT (D'CENT-iD-xxxxx) will be listed
Select your D'CENT then Type 6 digit password that is showing at D'CENT display
NOTE) For security reason, your D'CENT will generate unique 6 digit password during Bluetooth connection process NOTE) During Bluetooth pairing process, blue lamp will be flashed regularly, then blue lamp (BLE indicator) will remain illuminated when pairing is completed
D'CENT hard wallet
Once pairing is successfully completed, D'CENT hardware wallet and Mobile App will be syncronized at the first time automatically

Other Setting-Security

You can change the registered PIN through security settings. The Security menu contains the following sub-menus
Change PIN
Enroll Finger
Delete Finger
Device Wipe

WARNING) Device wipe means all information, including stored private keys in the wallet will be deleted and returned to the factory setting. Your existing wallet can be recovered through the wallet Recovery menu with Reovery Seeds.
D'CENT hard wallet

Other Setting-Language

Please select preferred language for D'CENT (Engligh / Korean / Chinese / Japanese)


* Do not disassemble, modify or repair the product. Your product will no longer be eligible for free repair even during the warranty period.
* Do not drop the product or apply excessive force. It may cause the product to malfunction.
* Do not expose the product for long time in high temperature and high humidity environment. It may cause deformation or damage of the product

How to Use a D’CENT Wallet

Main Screen > Fingerprint recognition> User Authentication
User authentication (Fingerprint / PIN)
If your fingerprint was successfully registered during the initialization process, you can immediately access D'CENT wallet by contacting the fingerprint sensor with the registered fingerprint. If fingerprint authentication fails five times, the authentication process automatically switches to the PIN entry mode.

※ If you enter the wrong PIN five times, there will be waiting of 30 seconds before your next PIN entry attempt.

WARNING) If PIN authentication fails ten times, the device will go factory setting mode automatically and all information will be deletes. You can use your recovery seeds to restore your wallet.
Dcent Hardware Wallet Dcent Hardware Wallet Dcent Hardware Wallet

Coin Setting

Main Screen > Cryptocurrency
After you have completed initialization process, D'CENT will create following coins automatically
Bitcoin / Ethereum / ERC20 / RSK / RRC20 / RIPPLE / MONACOIN / EOS

And more coins will be updated.
Dcent Hardware Wallet

Checking your Accounts

Main Screen > Setting
You can check your account information per each cryptocurrency you own.
* The account information at D'CENT display shows latest information from the last synchroniation with your Mobile App.
Update Account Information : Automatically updated when you synchronize D'CENT and Mobile App.
Press OK button to display the account address in text or QR code.
Dcent Hardware Wallet Dcent Hardware Wallet Dcent Hardware Wallet

Receive Coins

Main Screen > Setting
Receive coins through D'CENT Wallet
Select desired coin for transaction
Represent your address in text or QR code format to sender
Receive coins through D'CENT Mobile App
NOTE) Please make surre for D'CENT wallet and Mobile App have been synchronized at least once

Select desired coin for transaction
Press Receive button then Mobile App will display QR code & test address
Dcent Hardware Wallet

Send Coins through D'CENT Mobile App

Main Screen > Setting
Select desired coin for transaction then Select Send button
Type recipient's address in text format or Use camera button to picture QR code
Enter Amount and Select transaction fee
Click on Send button at the bottom of screen
Your transaction details will be showing on next screen, the Select OK button to get approval from your D'CENT Wallet
On your D'CENT Wallet, verify transaction details (amount and address) then approve transaction by fingerprint or PIN through D'CENT Wallet

Check firmware Version

Main Screen > Setting
Unlock your D’CENT Biometric Wallet
Go to Setting
Select [Device Info.]
Kernel Version is the information on firmware version.

User Manual

Download pdf

Please send us an e-mail.
We will send you an exact answer by mail.

Email to D'CENT

Using buttons

Initial Setup

Manage accountsManage accounts

Wallet recovery