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Update Device Firmware

As a reminder, you should have written down a 24-word recovery phrase on the Recovery Sheet provided when you set up your device. This 24–word recovery phrase allows you to restore your private keys on another D’CENT Biometric Wallet to recover access to your digital assets. Please keep it handy..

Before you start

  • Firmware Update is accessible on Google Chrome ONLY.
  • We recommend using the in-box USB charging cable that came with your D’CENT Biometric Wallet, not a third-party USB cable.
  • It will take max 10minutes to finish. Please make sure your internet connection is secure.
  • Once you update your firmware, you can NOT go back to previous version.
Update Firmware

Video Tutorial

Firmware Version Verification

You should verify that the correct firmware version (or kernel version) has been applied to your D’CENT Biometric Wallet. To do this, use the device menu to navigate to Settings — > Device Info — > Kernel Version.