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v2.4.6.cae9 2020-12-18 • Added supporting coin : Luniverse(LUX)

Update Device Firmware

Unlike other products, D'CENT Biometric Wallet does not require users to perform cumbersome Wallet Recovery even after the Firmware has been upgraded.
User's wallet will remain intact and use it immediately after the Firmware upgrade.

Before you start the Firmware upgrade

- Make sure you have your 24 Words (Mnemonic code)
Before you upgrade the Firmware, make sure you have your 24 Recovery Words written down from when you performed the Initial Setup. In case something goes wrong during the upgrade, you can use the Recovery Words to recover your original wallet. (Your wallet will remain intact even after the Firmware upgrade. Having your Recovery Words in hands is to serve as a remind users on Wallet Recovery just in case something goes wrong while performing the Firmware upgrade.)

- Use the USB cable provided by D'CENT
To perform the Firmware upgrade, it is recommended to use the USB cable included in the original Box package.

- No Firmware downgrade after the upgrade
After performing the Firmware upgrade, you cannot revert back to the previous version.

- Firmware upgrade takes 10 minutes.
Make sure your PC/notebook does not power off during the upgrade process!

Firmware can be updated only on PC with Google Chrome Browser.

Video Guide

Check Firmware version

Firmware upgrade is succesful on your D'CENT Biometric Wallet.
To check the current Firmware version of your D'CENT Wallet, goto Setting => select Device Info.

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