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Dcent Hardware Wallet

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Dcent Hardware Wallet

Most secure cryptocurrency
hardware wallet

Welcome to the next generation of cryptocurrency hardware wallet.
World’s first Bitcoin Smart Contract ready crypto hardware wallet with support for RSK and RRC-20 ecosystem.


  • Dcent Hardware Wallet
    Multi-Crypto Currency Support Supports the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, RSK, RRC-20, Ripple, MonaCoin. Many more coins will be added in our supported list.
  • Dcent Hardware Wallet
    Biometrics Authentication Built-in fingerprint scanner adds convenience and enhanced security for access control and fast transaction signing.
  • Dcent Hardware Wallet
    Secure Private Key Management Unlike other products on the market, D’CENT supports secure private key generation from the device without connecting to additional software program.
  • Dcent Hardware Wallet
    State of the art Security Multi-IC architecture provides the strongest protection for privacy and private key.
  • Dcent Hardware Wallet
    Large OLED Display 128x128 pixel display allows comprehensive view of your full transaction details and accounts.
  • Dcent Hardware Wallet
    Back Up & Restoration In case of lost, stolen, or wiped to factory setting, wallet recovery process is optimized for easy and fast recovery.

Supported Assets

Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
ERC 20
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
RRC 20
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Bitcoin Cash
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Bitcoin Gold
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Dcent Hardware Wallet
Firmware: V1.5.1.e40f
Android: v2.2.0
iOS: v2.0

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Dcent Hardware Wallet
  • Dimensions
    Height: 78.2 mm / 3.08 inch
    Width: 43.2 mm / 1.70 inch
    Depth: 10.8 mm/ 0.43 inch
    Weight: 36g / 1.27 oz
  • Hardware Features
    Fingerprint sensor
    Secure Element: EAL5+
    Bluetooth Low Energy
    Battery 585mA
    1.1 inch OLED display (128x128 pixels)
    5 pin USB / USB OTG Full speed

Robust Security

Dcent Hardware Wallet
  • Multi-IC architecture design
  • Bank grade EAL 5+ Secure Element
  • Secure OS embedded on microprocessor
Secure Element (EAL5+ certified tamperproof smartcard chip) is being used widely in credit and debit cards where private key for your personal accounts needs to be protected from cyber attacks.
Secure Operating System is an operating system that has additional security kernal integrated with security function against various cyber attacks.
Stand-alone private key generation means your private key (biometric data and/or PIN number) will be created independantly at D'CENT internally without any external connection. In other words, there is less chance for malware or virus will be embedded during personalization process.

Simplicity and Convenience

Dcent Hardware Wallet
  • Large OLED display
  • Multiple buttons for easy navigation
  • Li-ion Polymer battery
  • No back-up is needed during firmware update
Large OLED display (1.1 inch) will shows full transaction details as well as QR code that could be used at P2P transactions.
4 buttons (UP / DOWN / OK / CANCEL) will help you to navigate and select faster & more accurately.
Built-in certified battery will help you to make cryptocurrency transactions in anywhere without connection with PC
No need to back-up your wallet when you update firmware


Dcent Hardware Wallet
  • Built-in biometrics scanner
  • Support for PIN and Fingerprint authentication
Market proven fingerprint sensor will offer highest access control & security for your hardware wallet.

Dual Interface

Dcent Hardware Wallet
  • USB Connection
  • Bluetooth connection
D’CENT Biometric Wallet supports both USB and Bluetooth connection to host device. No more clumsy cable to carry or waste precious time searching for one. All you will need is the device and D’CENT’s wireless capability offers extra convenience especially when enjoying crypto assets on the go.