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[Privacy policy]
All personal information handled by the company shall be collected, held and processed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations. And the company shall protect the collected personal information and user’s rights based on the Personal Information Protection Act and following policy has been placed for handling of user’s complaints.

In case of the company’s online mall and applications that handle personal information, the company sets privacy policy manual and operates based on Article 30, Section 1 of Personal Information Protection Act and Article 31, Section 1 of its enforcement ordinance.

When company’s privacy policy has been changed, company shall post in public about timing of enforcement and changed information that shall be recognized by users easily.

Purpose and use of personal information
Company shall have right to collect the personal information from users to provide services including membership management, payment, contract fulfillment, service fee settlement, delivery, user authentication and other related services for financial transactions, product return, refund and exchange, monitoring and prohibiting for un-authorized services and/or illicit use, improvement of existing services and developing new services, offering customized services, notification of changes in functions of company’s web sites or application as well as company’s policies, offering customized services based on statistical data of individual users, compliance of proper laws and/or other regulations.  The company shall not use collected information for any other purpose other than listed above, and shall not disclose or provide to third parties without user’s consent.

Collection of personal information
Company collects user's personal information through registration of company’s application membership, opening user account, and its online mall.  Collected information is;
- Required information : E-mail, Password, Log record
- Optional information : Name, Contact number
- Credit card payment : Card company name, Card number, Expiration Date
- Delivery : Recipient address, Recipient name, Contact number
User has the right to refuse for collection of required information and/or optional information, but there may be a limit for company to offer the services if user rejects it.

Retention and usage period of personal information
In principle, collected information of user will be destroyed without delay when company reaches objective for collecting and using of personal information.  However, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations including Consumer Protection Act in Commercial law and Electronic Commercial law etc., the company shall preserve the collected information for a certain period of time when is necessary.  In this case, the company shall use the information solely for the original purpose, and its retention period is;

Information to be kept about Applied Law Period
withdraw or termination of agreement Consumer Protection Act in Commercial Law and Electronic Commercial Law 5 years
payment or goods delivery 5 years
customer’s complaint or settlement of disputes 3 years
advertisement and its display 6 months
all ledgers and evidential documents related to transactions in accordance with tax laws National Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law 5 years
electronic financial transactions Electronic Financial Transaction Law 5 years
website visits Protection of Communications Secrets Act 3 months
collection, processing and use of credit information Use and Protection of Credit Information Act 3 years
identity verification Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. 6 months

Providing personal information to third party 
In principle, company shall process and manage collected personal information within the scope specified for the purpose of collection and use, and shall not process it beyond the scope of its original purpose or provide it to a third party without prior consent from owner of information except for below cases;
- If company receives separate consent from the information owner
- If there are special regulations in the law and/or act
- If the owner of information or his legal representative is unable to express his intention, or prior consent cannot be obtained due to an incorrect address, and it deems necessary to protect life, body or economic profits of the owner of information or a third party from impending danger  
- If it is impossible to perform duties provided in other laws unless personal information is used for purposes other than those originally intended or provided to a third party, provided that it has been decided through deliberation at a meeting
- If it is necessary to conduct criminal investigation and to commence and maintain prosecution
- If it is necessary for the court to perform tasks related to trials 
- If it is necessary to execute punishment, preventive custody, and protective disposition 

Personal information processing consignment
The company consigns part of collected personal information to external parties for them to carry out some of necessary tasks to provide various services to users.  And we are supervising entrusted companies not to violate the personal information protection laws and regulations.  In addition, collected information is based on the time when the user confirmed, and we will notify user when the consignment company or consignment work is changed.
[Contracted companies]
Name Contents Use of personal information
KG Mobilians Card Payment, Mobile Payment Until membership withdrawal or end of consignment contract
EXIMBAY Overseas Card Payment
EK Networks Product Ordering, Shipping and Handling

Destruction of personal information
In principle, the company shall delete personal information without delay when purpose of processing personal information has been accomplished and users withdrawal membership.  And personal information of users who have not connected to our service more than one year shall be stored and managed separately.

Destruction procedure
Personal information shall be deleted immediately or moved and stored in separate location for certain period based on internal policies and/or other related laws and regulations when purpose of processing personal information has been accomplished.  Personal information that has been moved into separate location shall not be used for any other purpose unless related law and/or regulation order.

Destruction period and process
When the retention period has expired or personal information becomes unnecessary, printed personal information on paper is shredded or incinerate, and personal information stored in the form of an electronic file shall be deleted through technical methods that can not reproduce the original data.

Notification Date : October 15, 2018
Enforcement Date : October 15, 2018