Bitcoin Wallet

Manage your bitcoin (BTC) with D'CENT wallet.
Bitcoin Segwit address type is also supported.

One mobile app with support for
both hardware and software wallets.

You can manage your hardware wallet using the D'CENT mobile app available for Android and iOS,
or use it as a software wallet without a hardware wallet.
You can purchase and trade cryptocurrencies through the Dapp browser in the D'CENT mobile app.
D'CENT is a DeFi wallet that allows you to manage your DeFi portfolio

Secure fingerprint authentication on
D'CENT Biometric wallet

D'CENT Biometric wallet is the most convenient and secure next-generation hardware wallet.
You can easily connect with mobile app via Bluetooth, and securely manage your digital assets with biometric authentication.

D'CENT card-type hardware wallet is
easy to use with a simple touch.

D'CENT card-type hardware wallet applies NFC technology to manage cryptocurrency assets with a simple touch.
It is a cold wallet in the form of a credit card using a security chip used in the financial sector.
You can also send and receive NFTs such as game items.

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