Introducing “All4One” service by D’CENT!
Every week is a FREE chance to enter the event!

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How to join

1. Please install “D’CENT Wallet” Application at Google Play Store.
2. If you do not have D’CENT hardware wallets (Biometric or Card), please select “App Wallet”.
3. Please register PIN number.
4. Under Event menu, just click “Apply” button. That’s all.

Already using D'CENT Wallet?

1. Just update D'CENT Wallet App to the latest version.
2. From the Event tab, press the Apply button and you are in the game! (Must have pre-existing Ethereum account).

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| What is All4One?

D’CENT All4One is an interest earning event based on staking cryptocurrency (DAI).
In All4One, interest is generated from all the DAI cryptocurrency staked in the interest earning pool.

To earn interest by participating in the pool, a user must first deposit cryptocurrency, which is quite cumbersome and unfamiliar for many users.
To simplify this process and to make All4One service FREE for our users, D’CENT operates and maintains a large number of deposits in the interest earning pool. Each D’CENT address in the pool holds X amount of DAI and it is bound to an Applicant that participates in the event. If one of the D’CENT addresses is selected for the week, the binding Applicant will have a chance to earn all the interest from the pool. The accumulated interest in DAI will be sent to the selected account address.

To try your luck in All4One event, simply press the “Apply” button from the D’CENT Wallet App.

Users could also try increasing the chance by depositing your own assets in the pool, and this function will be supported in the later release.

All4One event is solely sponsored by D'CENT(IoTrust Co., Ltd)

| Still not sure about the All4One service?

Q. How does D’CENT All4One work?

A. D’CENT All4One service is an interest earning event sponsored by D’CENT which uses pooltogether.
A. In D’CENT All4One, you do not lose any money because the interest is earned from all the DAI staked in the pool.

Q. To be eligible, what do I have to do?

A. From D’CENT Wallet App, go to Events Tab and simply press “Apply” button..
A. D’CENT maintains own deposits in the pool and as a service, we provide our users with a FREE chance to enter the event every week.

Q. Is there any hidden charges or loss of user’s asset?

A. There is no cost or loss to users. All you have to do is install D’CENT Wallet App and press “Apply” button. That’s all.

Q. What is the likelyhood of being selected?

A. X amount of DAI D’CENT deposited / Total deposited amount in the pool.
A. This percentage changes every week according to total amount of DAI deposited in the pool.

Q. How do I collect the interest earned from the event?

A. We will send the accumulated interest in DAI to your cryptocurrency (Ethereum) address.
A. Every Monday, we will make an announcement plus contact you with the result notification and detailed procedures separately.

Q. What is DAI?

A. DAI is stable coin which has 1 USD value for 1 DAI.

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